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Lizabeth Rooney Tuvalu

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About me

I love to write, read, sing, and act. I hope to be a singer, actress and published author before I turn 18. It's a long shot, but I believe dreams can come true. And I know mine will if I try.


I am homeschooled, am one of many kids, and, like I said, love to read, write, sing, and act.


I LOVE Josh Groban. He is and always has been my favorite singer. I also love slow songs. Mostly sad ones, but if it's slow I'll probly like it. My newest favorite song is 'If Only' By Dove Cameron from Disney's Descendants. Watch it if you haven't!

Movies and TV:

I don't watch TV unless I'm at a friend's house or something. Though, I do really want to have a TV show on Disney Channel. A sitcom with either just two of my sisters or my whole family. My favorite movie is The Polar Express!


I'm not really into sports, but I might sit down and watch it if there's nothing else to do if I'm somewhere else. I do enjoy the World Series and the Superbowl, but other than that, I could care less. I did used to play soccer, but I don't anymore.


I am not an artist. The only think I can draw is a rubber ducky in the middle of the ocean at sunset. Usually wearing glasses and carrying an umbrella or cane or something. They turn out very well. But other than that, I am not artistic.


I have been reading since I was 3 and I have been writing since kindergarten. Someday I hope to publish the book I wrote in Kindergarten. It's kind of dumb and it's a true story, but it's special.


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